A Flatline Blur Tab uke di Kevin Devine

8 Accordi usati nel brano: C, Em, Am, C/G, G, Dm, F, C7

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Tablature / Chords (Brano intero)

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Anno:  2003
Chiave: C, AmAccordi
C C Em Em Am Am
My friends are working on avoiding me
So when we meet I keep my mouth real busy
Talk out my nervous energy
It never works
I throw darts at the wall and get sloppy

C/G C/G Am Am G G
But it's alright now
If I seem surprised, it's just a joke I'm trying out
But if it floats, I guess I'll keep it around

C C Em Em Am Am
A A woman gestures lazily
Through the hoods in my eyes I see her shaking her jewelry
It casts a perfect light on me
I feel moved and that's strange
But lately, I've been acting really strangely

C/G C/G Am Am G G
So it's alright now
I'm keeping distracted to blunt my reactions
And anyhow
You think less when there's less for you to think about

C C Em Em Am Am
(bass run on A string, 0--2--3)

Dm Dm Em Em (high) Am Am (same bass run)
A A paralyzed puppet sits stiff in the window

F F G G C C C7 C7
Grinding his teeth and playing piano

F F G G C C Em Em Am Am
All his songs bleed together in a flatline blur
A A broken litany of worthless words
Creating space while your drinks get served

I know it gets on your nerves
C C Em Em Am Am
Just try to pretend like it's not work
A A little denial never hurts

Tab uke di , 20 feb 2009

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