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Album:  sconosciuto
Chiave: sconosciutoAccordi e tablature

# It can be played on each string
# I recommend this, thought I don't know what it's called:
#Put one finger on 1st fret and slide your finger onto the next
# fret, when you've picked for the 1st fret. You should do this
# for every fret in Pink Panther,e.g 1-2,4-5,etc.

Tab uke di , 31 ott 2011

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Ookaleylee avatar
flag for NZ(ISO2) (Auckland)
uh i actually meant for the 'i'm not sure what it's called description' to be a (now that i know) hammer off.
04 Apr 2012
Ookaleylee avatar
flag for NZ(ISO2) (Auckland)
thanks now that i know
04 Apr 2012
Inkers123 avatar
It's called baring the fret
07 Mar 2012

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