Rumor Mill Tab par We Are The In Crowd

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D chordD A chordA B chordB G chordG
D chordD A chordA G chordG

Verse 1:

D chordD
Here we go again

A chordA B chordB
It's like you're calling all the shots before I shoot them

G chordG
and I hate that

D chordD
Every time I turn my back I wonder what you'll

A chordA B chordB
say to make me sound like someone different

G chordG
It's not worth it anymore


B chordB G chordG A chordA
We've been picking up the pieces Leaving all the dust behind

B chordB G chordG A chordA
Sick of all the pressure you're just wasting time


G chordG D chordD
And I don't ever wanna know what it feels like

A chordA B chordB
to be a shadow of myself

G chordG D chordD A chordA
and I don't ever wanna come back down from this feeling

G chordG D chordD A chordA B chordB
What makes you think that you know what's better for me

G chordG D chordD A chordA
And I don't think you wanna see what's underneath

your made up version of me

Intro repeat

Verse slightly different than V1

D chordD B chordB
There you go again believing that the truth is what you're reading

G chordG D chordD
Talk some shit I haven't heard before

D chordD D chordD
If you've got something to say Don't wanna talk about it

B chordB B chordB
If you need someone to blame Don't wanna cry about it

G chordG D chordD
I measure life in minutes but these critics think they've got me figured out

Break repeat
Chorus repeat

Short Instrumental:

D chordD - D chordD (lift off middle finger) - D chordD - D chordD (lift off middle finger)


B chordB G chordG
I lost the strength to keep my grip on the reality that

D chordD
everything from day to day is

A chordA
Fading from my memory

B chordB F#m chordF#m
But I'll never let this grow

G chordG
out of my control and watch your steps so

A chordA D chordD
you don't fall into this hole you've dug alone

D chordD - D chordD (lift off middle finger) - Dsus4 chordDsus4 (add pinky on high E chordE string)

D chordD
this hole you've dug alone

Chorus repeat
Intro repeat On the last G chordG chord hit it 3 times and sustain it


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