Too Much Tab par Pepper Rabbit

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Bb Bb             Ab Ab
How many times will they do it
Gb Gb Ab Ab
taking what's mine and tell me that I blew it
Bb Bb Ab Ab
What can you do who me yes you
Gb Gb Ab Ab
When bitches get scandalous and full of voodoo
Bb Bb Ab Ab Gb Gb Ab Ab
Catching my breath is the term I use when the world gives up on me
Bb Bb Ab Ab Gb Gb Ab Ab
Can you love or not? The truth finds all of us eventually.

[Bb Bb Ab Ab Gb Gb Ab Ab]X2

Bb Bb Ab Ab Gb Gb Ab Ab
I don't mind taking lives I find
Gb Gb Ab Ab Gb Gb Ab Ab
They all shine in my pocket at night
Bb Bb Ab Ab
You wonder why your always alone
Gb Gb Ab Ab
you never fit in you never could find a home
Bb Bb Ab Ab
and I don't need to second guess why
Gb Gb Ab Ab
your eaten by the anger and it makes it so hard to....

Bb Bb Ab Ab Gb Gb Ab Ab
To Love to love to love ya..ooh ooh
Bb Bb Ab Ab Gb Gb Ab Ab
To Love to love to love ya..ooh ooh


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