Adventure Time Theme Tab par Pendleton Ward

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C chordC
It's Adventure Time

G chordG
Come on grab your friends and

F chordF G chordG
Go to very distant lands

C chordC G chordG
With Jake the dog and Finn the human

F chordF G chordG
The fun will never end

C chordC
It's Adventure Time


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lillyappleseed14 avatar
I played one note from this song and said to my sister "guess what song it is?" she guessed everything stay and i can't help faling in love with you, it was very funny
28 Dec 2018
TheUkeleleCat avatar
flag for JP(ISO2) (Las Piñas City)
07 Jul 2018
RobynDaring avatar
flag for SE(ISO2) (Uddevalla)
DD-UU-DU for every chord
28 May 2018
VikaNered avatar
???? ???????
08 Dec 2017
catkadno avatar
Jake on pes
06 Nov 2017
Alismeydis avatar
flag for US(ISO2) (NY)
what is the strum pattern??
20 Sep 2017
BadTimeUkuleleJasky6 avatar
i think that instead of the chord f its supposed to be d?
20 Aug 2017
BadTimeUkuleleJasky6 avatar
i think that instead of the chord f its supposed to be d?
20 Aug 2017
rmnvany avatar
Finn parnishka
18 Feb 2017
UkuleleLULULU avatar
Русские были здесь
12 Jun 2016
Loupgarou avatar
15 Jan 2014
IchigoStrwBrryz avatar
Why is this in the top monthly? The chords are G D C D in that order. This doesn't even sound similar.
10 Oct 2013
pirates12 avatar
I found that it sounds best by doing down down up down up
22 Aug 2013
J_Spade avatar
Isn't this song supposed to be in G?
06 Feb 2013
hellokitty97 avatar
i really like this site, but i dont quite understand how im supposed to know the strum
13 Jan 2013
eyon216 avatar
flag for US(ISO2) (Athens)
Most accurate one i've found so far
25 Sep 2012
Oaldor avatar
flag for CA(ISO2) (Toronto)
21 Sep 2012
music4ever avatar
Beast !!!!
03 Jul 2012
Moors<3 avatar
flag for US(ISO2) (Goshen)
02 Oct 2011
britiany avatar
I love this show! AHHH! :D
02 Feb 2010
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