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Dm chordDm
I don't mind it
Bb chordBb F chordF
I don't mind if you're overrated
G chordG Dm chordDm
Or if you're staring at the edge of the world
Bb chordBb
But keep in mind that I'm a sore eye
F chordF G chordG
with blurry vision but I can see
Dm chordDm
yeah it has to be you love
Bb chordBb
that I've been dreaming of
F chordF
And if we climb this high
G chordG
I swear we'll never die

two times c


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heyveronica avatar
flag for US(ISO2) (Milford)
ahah thanks! i also put some attack attack up if youre interested!
05 Oct 2012
MiriumStudium avatar
flag for ZA(ISO2) (Johannesburg)
Wow I don't know who you are but you are a LEGEND for tabbing this Mice and Men song!!! I am the First fan of the group on this site!! Thank you!! :)
04 Sep 2012
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