Scott Pilgrim Vs The World Ruined A Whole Generation Of Women Tab par Negative XP

3 Accords utilisés dans la chanson: G, F, C

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[Verse 1]
(G G) BPD and (F F) Ecstasy, (C C) conceited with low self-esteem
She's a (G G) teenage dream if (F F) you hate yourself (C C)
(G G) Bright dyed hair and (F F) obnoxious clothes
Thinks (C C) communism is the way to go
She's a (G G) whore, a hole, a dime a (F F) dozen Jezebel (C C)
(G G) Fluoride mind and (F F) SSRIs
a (C C) thousand-yard stare for all those guys
That she (G G) f**ked and sucked (F F) before you came (C C) along
(G G) Retarded views on (F F) politics
Likes (C C) to listen to sh*tty music
She (G G) drinks and smokes and (F F) tokes out of a dirty (C C) bong

(G G) She saw Ramona (F F) Flowers
And (C C) felt so empowered
(G G) By a movie made (F F) in Hollywood (C C)
(G G) It's sad to think she's someone's (F F) daughter
Like a (C C) lamb to the slaughter
But (G G) honestly, I'd still (F F) hit if I could (C C) (G G,F F,C C,G G,F F,C C,G G,F F,C C,G G,F F,C C)

[Verse 2]
(G G) BPD and (F F) Ecstasy, (C C) 20 years old but acts like she's 16
(G G) Likes to go to shows 'cause (F F) she's so f**king (C C) cool
(G G) Bright-dyed hair but (F F) dead inside
(C C) Plan-B B lifetime supply
She's a (G G) whore, a hole, gave (F F) head since middle (C C) school
Only (G G) pedophiles in (F F) denial think she's (C C) anything worthwhile
Her (G G) 3rd eye lifestyle (F F) drives you (C C) wild
She's an (G G) alcoholic (F F) loser b*t*h that (C C) likes to listen to sh*tty music
She (G G) drinks and smokes and (F F) tokes and chokes on (C C) d**k


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ty for this gold
14 Jan 2021
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