Cold December Tab par Matt Costa

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Bb Bb

Bb Bb Eb Eb Bb Bb
I've been waiting, pacing along the halls ever since you left here
Eb Eb Bb Bb
I've been cleaning, scrubbing the plates and weeding out the garden dear
Bb BbEb Eb Bb Bb
I can't fall asleep to your mystery slowly blowing from the shore

I have not failed to be what you'd expect of me
Eb Eb F F
Swallowing glass just to stay pure

Bb BbEb Eb
All the birds are heading down south but you're staying up north you say
Bb BbEb EbBb Bb
I've got jackets blankets and sheets, its going to be a cold december

It could be warm you see, a statue next to me
Swimming away from the ice and snow
Could I have failed to see the signs in front of me
Warning and flashing symbols, subtle and simple I couldn't see
I couldnt see

Bb Bb (trim) Eb Eb G G
If only time could slow down, maybe I could come up
G G Eb Eb F F
G G Eb Eb F F
It's such a cold december
It's such a cold december
Its so cold


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