Bait A Hook Tab par Justin Moore

3 Accords utilisés dans la chanson: D, G, A

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Année:  2011
Tonalité: D, BmAccords
(D D)
I heard you had to drive him home after two umbrella drinks
I heard he's gotta Prius cuz he's into bein' green
My (G G) buddy said he saw y'all eatin' that Sushi stuff
(D D) Baby that don't sound like you
That don't sound like love
It (A A) sounds like it sucks

He can't even bait a (G G) hook
He can't even skin a (D D) buck
He don't know who Jack (A A) Daniels is
Ain't ever drove a (D D) truck
Knows how to throw out a (G G) line
But not the kind in a Field and Stream (D D) book
No darling I ain't even (A A) worried
You'll come runnin' back
He can't even bait a (D D) hook
(G G)

Has he (D D) kissed you in a hay field
As the summer rain falls down?
Has he took you to meet his Mama
Back in his hometown?
Does he (G G) drive the interstate, or
does he take them ole back roads?
Can he (D D) melt your heart with a country song
Every good ole boy should know?
I (A A) didn't think so


(G G) It won't be that long 'til
You (D D) start gettin' bored
I'll be (A A) smilin' on the river
Reelin' in one more


No baby I ain't even (A A) worried
He can't even bait a (D D) hook
(D D-G G-D D-G G-D D)

Tab par , 12 mars 2012

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delphinemaple375 avatar
Hearing your laugh makes my heart skip a beat. Perhaps we can create a new rhythm together, a little closer? f1nd me on delphinemaple_mooo_com change _ to dot
14 Jul 2024
ukeurmind avatar
I used d-d-dud- as a simple strum pattern but does anyone else have a better suggestion?

Thanks :)
16 Jan 2018

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