Any Old Wind That Blows Tab par Johnny Cash

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Any Old Wind That Blows
Johnny Cash

C chordC
Lord she's restless
F chordF C chordC
Like cotton candy clouds that sail the day
F chordF C chordC
Slow and free and she possesses
F chordF C chordC F chordF
A chordA mind that can't resign itself to stay for long with me

G7 chordG7 F chordF
So I tried and tried to keep her tied and satisfied
C chordC F chordF
Until she really needs me yes I do
C chordC G7 chordG7
But when that certain look comes on her face
F chordF C chordC
I can't replace it and she leaves me

G7 chordG7 F chordF
She's a butterfly in mid July who just can't wait to try
C chordC F chordF
Her brand new wings on brand new things
C chordC F chordF C chordC
And she needs no rhyme or reason when she goes
G7 chordG7 F chordF
Her mind is on what lies beyond that wall of Blue horizon

C chordC F chordF
I suppose and heaven knows
C chordC G7 chordG7 C chordC
She'll go sailing off on any old wind that blows
F chordF C chordC
Yes she will yes she will
G7 chordG7 C chordC
She'll go sailing off on any old wind that blows

I know she needs me
F chordF C chordC
About as much as I need someone else
F chordF C chordC
Which I don't and if need be
F chordF C chordC
I swear someday I'll up and leave myself

F chordF G7 chordG7
Which I won't even If she loved another man
F chordF C chordC
I'd understand it more than I do

Umh umh umh but I know the only reason
G7 chordG7 C chordC
That she ever has for leaving is she wants to

Repeat #3 & 4


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