I Could Always Eat Your Brain Tab par Harley Poe

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Verse 1:
C chordC Em chordEm
Remember when we used to get Chinese
F chordF
Oh would you please just hear me out
G chordG
For a moment before I eat my tongue it all goes wrong
C chordC Em chordEm
I know it wasn't your fault when your bowling ball smashed into my head
F chordF G chordG
Cause accidents they happen and I'm still alive though I should be dead
C chordC Em chordEm
I come to you tonight not to scare you or to give you fright
F chordF G chordG
But to make sure that we're still an item and possibly spend the night
C chordC Em chordEm
The half-shirt you were sleeping in gives me a feeling deep within
F chordF G chordG
I just came up from the ground if we fooled around would it be sin

Am chordAm F chordF
But wait you know it almost seems that your not happy to see me
C chordC G chordG
My love has brought me back to you so please tell me that you've been true
Am chordAm
It seems that I've been gone so long
F chordF
my dear my love for you is strong
C chordC G chordG
Death can't keep me away from you in your hands my heart belongs

F chordF G chordG C chordC Am chordAm
And I can see that you don't see the sparkle on my face
F chordF G chordG C chordC Am chordAm
And I notice that you don't notice that my heart out of place
F chordF G chordG C chordC Am chordAm
So you're upset and you're crying and you're walking out the door
F chordF G chordG C chordC (Hold)
And I find that you don't like me anymore

Verse 2:
Now days have passed and so am I no matter how I try and try
I just can't seem to win you back maybe it's because the lack of hair
It's been falling out I just can't get rid of this smell
No more hours of making out why couldn't I've just have gone to Hell
Sex used to be so good and so was hanging out
Now your obviously sickened by me and I'm starting to doubt your love is true
Even though I'm dead I've missed you every day
But my skin is rotting off my body I'm starting to decay


Verse 3:
I'm giving you just one more chance to change you mind and take this dance
I wanna be the dead loves slave that's why I've risen from the grave
So take me as I am but if you don't I understand
But know this hasn't been in vain
cause I could always eat your brain 3


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