The Banks Of The Roses Tab par Dubliners

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On [CC] the xxxxx xx xxx xxxxx xx [GG] love xxx x
sat [CC] down
And [FF] I xxxx xxx xx [CC] fiddle xx [GG] play xx xxxx x [CC] tune
In xxx [FF] middle xx xxx [CC] tune xxx [GG] smiled xxx xxx [AmAm] said
Oh xx [CC] Johnny xx xx [FF] - xxxxxx xxxx xxx [GG] leave [CC] me

When I was a young lad I heard me father say
That he would rather see me dead and buried in the clay
Sooner be married to any run away
By the lovely sweet banks of the roses
Well now I am no run away and sure I'll let them know
That I can take the bottle or leave it alone
And if her daddy doesn't like me he can keep his daughter at home
And then Johnny will go roving with another

And if ever I get married will be in the month of May
When the leaves they are Green and the meadows they are gay
And me and me true love will sit and sport and play
By the lovely sweet banks of the roses


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