Rare Old Mountain Dew Tab par Dubliners

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Let [DD] the xxxxxxx xxxx xxx xxx xxxxxx xxxx xx x xxxx xxx xxxx [GG] way
But [DD] give xx xxxxxx xx xxx [GG] rare xxx xxxxx xxxxxx [DD] made xxxx [AA] Galway [DD] Bay
Come [DD] 'goughers xxx xxxx xxxxxxx xxxxx xxx xxxxxxx [GG] too
We'll [DD] give xxxx xxx xxxx xxx xxxxx [GG] take x xxx xx xxx [GG] rare xxx [AA] mountain [DD] dew

There's a neat little still at the foot of the hill where the smoke curls up to the sky
By a whiff of the smell you can tell right well that there's poitin boys close by
For it fills the air with perfume rare and betwixt both you and me
As home we roll we can drink a bowl or a bucket full of mountain dew

Now learned men as use the pen have writ the praises high
Of the rare poitin from Ireland green distilled from wheat and rye
Away with your pills It'll cure all ills be you pagan Christian or Jew
So take of your coat and grease your throat with a bucket full of mountain dew


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