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Well [GG] if xxx xxx x [EmEm] wing-o [GG] take xxx xx xx [EmEm] ring-o
[GG] Where xxx xxxxxx [EmEm] sing-O [GG] all xxx [EmEm] day
If xxx [GG] had xxxx xxxx xx [EmEm] Porter xxx xxx [GG] can't xx xxxxx xxxxxxx
[GG] Give xxx xxx xxx [EmEm] order [GG] back [DD] to xxx [GG] quay
And [GG] take xxx xx xx [EmEm] Monto [GG] Monto [EmEm] Monto
[GG] Take xxx xx xx [EmEm] Monto [DD] Lan-ge- [GG] ru [DD] to [GG] you

You heard the Duke of Gloucester the dirty old imposter
He took the Mot and lost her up in the Furry Glen
He first put on his bowler and he buttoned up his trousers
Then he whistled for his growler and he said my man
You heard the Dublin Fusileers the dirty old bamboozileers
They went and got the childer one two three
Marching from thr linin hall there's one for every cannonball
And Vick's going to send them all o're the sea

When Carey told on ''Skin The Goat'' O Donnell caught him in the boat
He wished he'd never been afloat the dirty skite
It wasn't very sensible to tell on the Invincibles
They stood up for their principles day and night

Now when the czar of Russia and the king of prussia
Landed in the Phoinex in a big balloon
They asked the polismen to play ''The Wearing Of The Green''
But the buggers in the depot didn't know the tune

Now the Queen she came to call on us
She wanted to see all of us
I' glad she didn't fall on us she's eighyeen stone
Mister Milord the Mayor say's she
Is this all you've got to show for me
Why no mam there's more to see ''Pog Mo Thoin


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