Giggle At The Ghosty Tab par Daniel Ingram

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D chordD C chordC Bm chordBm
When I was a little filly and the sun was going down
D chordD C chordC Bm chordBm
The darkness and the shadows they would always make me frown

G chordG D chordD G chordG D chordD
I'd hide under my pillow from what I thought I saw
G chordG D chordD
But Granny Pie said that wasn't the way
Bm chordBm A chordA
To deal with fears at all

D chordD G chordG D chordD
She said Pinkie you gotta stand up tall
G chordG
Learn to face your fears
D chordD G chordG
You'll see that they can't hurt you
Bm chordBm A chordA
just laugh to make them disappear

G chordG D chordD
Sooo giggle at the ghostly
Bm chordBm C chordC
Guffaw at the grossly
G chordG D chordD
Crack up at the creepy
Bm chordBm A chordA
Whoop it up with the weepy
G chordG D chordD
Chortle at the kooky
Bm chordBm C chordC
Snortle at the spooky

G chordG
And tell that big dumb scary face
D chordD A chordA
to take a hike and leave you alone and if he thinks he can scare you then he's got another thing coming and the very idea of such a thing just makes you wanna

G chordG D chordD Bm chordBm C chordC D chordD


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