Well Be Together Tab par Ashley Tisdale

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D chordD
I'm not alone
A chordA Em chordEm
even when we're apart i feel you
in the air (yeah)
D chordD
I'm not afraid
A chordA
I know what you're thinking
Em chordEm
I can hear you everywhere

C chordC
Some people say it'll never happen
Am chordAm
And we're just wasting time
C chordC
But good things come when you least expect them
A chordA
so I don't really mind

D chordD A chordA
We'll be together come whatever
Em chordEm
Not just staring at the stars
Just remember
A chordA D chordD
That no one else could tell us who we are
D chordD A chordA
We'll be together so don't ever
Em chordEm
Stop listening to your heart
A chordA
Cuz I can't turn mine up
D chordD
Woah Woah

(Repeat 1st verse chords)

I can't pretend
This is a rehersal for the real thing
Because it's not
And I know we're young
I can't help feeling what I'm feeling
And I won't stop

C chordC
Some things are meant to be and will be there
Am chordAm
When the time is right
C chordC
Even though I know that
A chordA
I swear I wish you were tonight (wish you were tonight)


Still figuring out the bridge but the rest is all there...


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