My Latest Sin Tab par Asaf Avidan

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C chordC B7 chordB7
Just like a distant thunder
G chordG C chordC
My conscience is rolling in the back of my head
B7 chordB7 Em chordEm*
But your lips keep riding on in the darkness
C chordC
Our guns on the floor
B7 chordB7 Em chordEm
Near the makeup and the clothes that we shed

We both trail our own paths
But the grass has worn out our parting ways
And I used to think I rode with the devil
But I'm left on my own
B7 chordB7 Em chordEm**
Even he hasn't shown up these days

Am chordAm Em chordEm
Don't cry my latest sin
Am chordAm Em chordEm
I don't buy that self righteous being
Am chordAm Em chordEm
Calm your worried soul
G chordG Am chordAm Em chordEm
The demons and angels left us here all alone

C chordC* B7 chordB7 B7 chordB7*
Much like crickets at the sunrise
My guilt is fading in the depth of my chest
Your empire is brought down around us
But we're pressed on the wall
B7 chordB7 B7 chordB7* Em chordEm
We don't care 'bout the fall of the rest
I pray you find your old path

But mine was lost so long ago
They say old roads were built on old rivers
Maybe that's why I'm lost
Cause I can't carry on with the flow


The demons and angels left us here all alone x


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