I'm With You In The Drak Tabulatur von Toby Fox

4 Im Lied verwendete Ukulelengriffe: E, G#m, B, F#

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When the light is running low
G#m G#m
And the shadows start to grow
And the places that you know
F# F#
Seem like fantasy

There's a light inside your soul
G#m G#m
That's still shining in the cold
With the truth
F# F# G#m G#m
The promise in our hearts

Don't forget
F# F# B B
I'm with you in the dark

# (Can also be played with Eb Eb Gm Gm Bb Bb and F F for an easier time :D D)


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SomeGaymerNerd avatar
that's... not what the song's called.
12 Jun 2019
ShikyoAjisai avatar
flag for US(ISO2) (never)
I've been trying to find this with the title "Don't Forget", but nothing showed up. Then when I looked through Toby's songs, I found this. So, please rename this if you can? "Don't Forget" Laura Shigihara.
13 Jan 2019
SaNecHilL avatar
flag for US(ISO2) (Norfolk Nebraska)
Might want to look at the name of the song there buddy
18 Nov 2018
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