Mud In Your Eye Tabulatur von Nils Lofgren

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You used to leave your scent GEDG
On his whiskey soaked collar GEDG
You both would paint the town EDBmE
Drink up his very last dollar GEDG
And then you loved him for fun EDEG
And rode away when it was done GEDG
Now xxxx xxxxxxxx xxx x xxxx xxx [Cmaj7Cmaj7-CC-Cadd9Cadd9-DD]
Ain't that mud in your eye GEDG

Sturm w/everything muted for the next lyric
Some of these lyrics towards the end of this verse are sang while playing the riffs
that's why it appears one riff to be left over at the end of this progression starting at
realized you were no longer free

Ain't like rain GEDG
Remember lively little Richard GEDG
But his men were painting town EDBmE
You were in need of attention GEDG
So he thought he'd take you on down EDEG
And there you first saw me GEDG
And xxxxxxxx xxx xxxx xx xxxxxx xxxx [Cmaj7Cmaj7-CC-Cadd9Cadd9-DD]
Cuz true love good girls can't deny GEDG
It xxxxx xxx xxxx xxxx xxx xx xxxxxx xxx [Cmaj7Cmaj7-CC-Cadd9Cadd9-DD]
After that progression and the last lyric there comes another GEDG
And from here out chords are played during singing instead of prior

F chordF
Sometimes a victim can run
Am chordAm
But not when both have been 'von
D chordD-C chordC-D chordD
And I ain't no stranger
I built you up to shoot you down
C chordC
Once you could thrill me
Am chordAm
Now I'm the jury
D chordD
And you'll be a cinch to convict

Em chordEm-F#m chordF#m-E chordE-A chordA
Your boy's gonna make the great escape
A chordA-F#m chordF#m-E chordE-A chordA
While your laid bare on the ground
A chordA-F#m chordF#m-E chordE-C#m chordC#m-F#m chordF#m
This vengeance had to and in crime
F#m chordF#m-A chordA-F#m chordF#m-E chordE-A chordA
I built you up and shoot you down

A chordA-F#m chordF#m-E chordE-F#m chordF#m-E chordE
You know I'm not usually that kind
E chordE-A chordA-F#m chordF#m-E chordE-A chordA
But you didn't know he was a brother of mine

A chordA-Dmaj7 chordDmaj7
But I'll just laugh if you cry
E chordE
Now ain't that mud in your eye
A chordA-F#m chordF#m-E chordE-A chordA


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