Our First Song F#m Tabulatur von Joseph Vincent

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Verse 1
F# chordF#
Time to let the time to let the time to let the beat drop

Baby Imma let you know don't always gotta be fast

Maybe we can take it slow
B chordB E chordE
Don't always gotta rush gotta build that trust
Bm chordBm
We're two birds just singin' that song
F# chordF#
Singing that ladeedeedodeeda melodies go back and forth
C# chordC#
You sittin' on that G chordG string maybe I just struck a chord
E chordE
The music's in your heart that's where I'm gonna start
Bm chordBm
and if you just play along
G#m chordG#m
I'll make sure I'm in tune
C# chordC#
in this concert just for two
F# chordF#
Cause this is our first song
C#m chordC#m
Sorry I had you waiting so long
B chordB
Gotta make it perfect it can't be wrong No
Bm chordBm
Tryin' to keep doin' it right with you on my mind
F# chordF#
Cause you are my baby
C#m chordC#m
Promise I'll treat you like a lady
B chordB
and I won't do you no harm
Bm chordBmF# chordF#
cause this is our first song
E chordE
Let's take a flight through the clouds
Bm chordBm
in the sky can't bring us down
F# chordF#
to the ground in reality's hole

let's make all our fantasies real yeah you already know
E chordE
that I'm taking requests tell me what to do
B chordBBm chordBm
where we going next I'l leave it up to you
B chordBF# chordF#
Take all your reservation debating what going on inside

your mind your heart your soul

Switch it up and be alive
E chordE
Take it all the way

it'll be okay
B chordBBm chordBm
and when the moment is right
D#m chordD#mG#7 chordG#7
I don't have to sing alone
B chordB
Together we're in tune
C# chordC#
Just two merged as one

I'll give you all my lovin'
C#7 chordC#7
till we finish what we've both begun


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