Just Like Starting Over Tabulatur von John Lennon

12 Im Lied verwendete Ukulelengriffe: A, A7, E7, D, Dm, Bm, E, C#m, F#, G, Am, Em

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A A     A7 A7          A A           A7 A7
Our life together is so precious together.
A A E7 E7 A A E7 E7
We have grown, we have grown
although our love is still special.
A7 A7 D D
Let?s take a chance and fly away
Dm Dm A A
somewhere alone.

It?s been too long since we took the time.
A7 A7 Bm Bm E E
No-one?s to blame, I know time flies so quickly
Bm Bm E E
but when I see you darling
C#m C#m F# F# Bm Bm
it?s like we both are falling in love again.
E E A A A7 A7 A A A7 A7
It?ll be just like starting over, starting over.

Everyday we used to make it love.
Why can?t we be making love nice and easy?
It?s time to spread our wings and fly.
Don?t let another day go by my love,
it?ll be just like starting over, starting over.

G G Am Am
Why don?t we take off alone,
take a trip somewhere far, far away.
Em Em Am Am
We?ll be together on our own again
like we used to in the early days,
E7 E7
well, well darling.

It?s been too long...

Our life together...


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ukulelejane avatar
flag for US(ISO2) (Bellevue)
the A7 chord is wrong. its supposed to be an A+, which i play by pressing the second fret on the G string, and the first fret on the C and E strings. not sure if it's correct, but it sounds right to me.
03 Aug 2010
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