Fly Me To The Moon Tabulatur von Frank Sinatra

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bakugos_thighs avatar
btw, if you're using this for the whole song and wanna do a high note for the last "please be true" just do 3-2-7 on the A string, and then for "in other words ily" 7-7-7-3-3, 7-7-7-3-3, 3-2-3 all on the A string too :) it sounds really nice if you just slide your finger up from 7 to 3 if you like that type of stuff too ! i love this tab sm i cant stop playing it lmao
12 Feb 2020
bakugos_thighs avatar
love it!! the lines being that uneven bothers me a tad but other than that it sounds great :)
09 Feb 2020
Hershey024 avatar
wow this is very nice
08 Feb 2020
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