Moonlight Sonata Tabulatur von Beethoven, Ludwig Van

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Tablature / Chords (Ganzer Song)

Font size: A- A A+

Jahr:  2007
Key: unbekanntAkkorde
A-|-----1-----1-----1-----1|-----1-- ---1-----1-----1|
E-|---3-----3-----3-----3--|- --3-----3-----3-----3--|
C-|-2-----2-----2----- 2----|-2-----2-----2-----2----|
G-|------------ --------------|--------------------------|

A-|-----1-----1-----3-----3|-----3-----1-- ---0-----0|
E-|---3-----3-----4-----4--|---2--- --3-----3-----2--|
C-|-3-----3-----3-----3----| -2-----2-----2-----0----|
G-|--------------------------|---------------- ----------|

A-|-----------1-----1-----1-|-- ----3-----3-----3-----3-|
E-|-----3---3-----3-- ---3---|----5-----5-----5-----5---|
C-|---2---2 -----2-----2-----|--------2-----2-----2-----|
G -|---------------------------|-------------------- --------|

A-|-----1-----1-----3-----3|----- 1-----1-----0-----0|
E-|---3-----3-----3-----3- -|---1-----1-----1-----1--|
C-|-2-----2-----0-- ---3----|-2-----2-----3-----3----|
G-|--------- -----------------|--------------------------|

A-|-----1-----1-----1-----1|-1---------------- - -------|
E-|---1-----1-----1-----1--|-1-------- ----------------|
C-|-2-----2-----2-----2----|- 2------------------------|
G-|----------------- ---------|--------------------------|

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Tabulatur von , 01 Jul 2009

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ssanchez avatar
flag for US(ISO2) (Port Orchard)
i like it but it ccould use some work with what they've already said and finishing the whole song. great tab work!
07 Aug 2012
Ukeist avatar
flag for US(ISO2) (killeen)
You should figure out the few missing notes, and repost this tab. id greatly appreciate it.
06 Jan 2010
Bambi avatar
Brilliant! what a lovely song to play on the uke.
02 Jul 2009
pilchard72 avatar
there are a few notes missing i assume because yuve taken the right hand out of the piano manuscript, you could do with adding them back in. Otherwise a nice tab.
01 Jul 2009

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