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Radiohead's "High and Dry", as perfomed by Amanda Palmer at the Butterfly Club (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vr-oYrQyJMA)

It's basically Em chordEm-G chordG-D chordD repeated, but with some variations on these chords during the chorus.

Em chordEm G chordG D chordD
Two jumps in a week I bet you think that's pretty clever don't you boy
Em chordEm G chordG D chordD
Flying on your motorcycle watching all the ground beneath you drop
Em chordEm G chordG D chordD
You'd kill yourself for recognition kill yourself to never ever stop
Em chordEm G chordG D chordD
You broke another mirror you're turning into something you are not

Em chordEm G chordG
Don't leave me high
D chordD
don't leave me dry
Em chordEm * **
Don't leave me high
D chordD
don't leave me dry

* is Em chordEm but with the finger lifted off the A chordA string
** is G chordG but with a finger on the fifth fret of the A chordA string.

The EP version which you can hear and buy here:
is a bit different - instead of Em-G-D the uke plays D-Dsus2-D
while the piano plays E chordE,G chordG,D chordD bass notes on each chord change.


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Sugarman avatar
Comprehensive with help getting two different versions correct.
28 Oct 2010
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You're the best!
10 Sep 2010
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