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Amanda Palmer's ukulele interpretation of Radiohead's "Creep",
as can be heard and bought here:
and seen in many YouTube recordings

G chordG
When you were here before
B chordB
Couldn't look you in the eye
C chordC
You're just like an angel
Cm chordCm
Your skin makes me cry
G chordG
You float like a feather
B chordB
In a beautiful world
C chordC
And I wish I was special
Cm chordCm
You're so fucking special

G chordG
But I'm a creep
B chordB
I'm a weirdo
C chordC
What the hell am I doing here
Cm chordCm
I don't belong here



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Occasionally she adds this at the end of the sequence
07 Oct 2010
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