Someone Like You Tabulatur von Adele

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UkeLife avatar
Oh and i'm glad you guys liked it. I play sax (for senior jazz band in highschool) so chords isn't really my strong point let alone tabs so it's great to get feedback :)
08 Apr 2013
UkeLife avatar
Hey someone has actually viewed my version of this song! haha and i was in a rush to get this done before leaving the house but i'll try to put the chords on all the lyrics soon!
08 Apr 2013
dtcooper avatar
flag for CA(ISO2) (Vancouver)
it would be nicer if the chords were listed all the way through but other than that the chord is really good
07 Apr 2013
Lyduke avatar
Really great :) good if someone wants to sing it, and they have a higher voice (which I don't, but haha I can pretend). The tablature is excellent, I really want to put this into my songbook aleady.
06 Apr 2013
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