California Dreamin Tabulatur von The Mamas And The Papas

6 Im Lied verwendete Ukulelengriffe: Am, G, F, D7, E7, C

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Tablature / Chords (Vereinfachter Song)

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Jahr:  1966
Key: AmAkkorde und Tabulaturen
I based this rendition from Guitar Tabs I happened to stumble
upon. I wish I could have tabbed out the Bridge and the solo,
cause then it would be complete. However, I Don't know those
parts. Enjoy!

Am Am G G F F G G G G D7 D7 E7 E7 F F C C C C E7 E7 Am Am E7 E7

*This Begins "If I didn't tell her..."

Am Am E7 E7 Strum furiously

Then Repeat as many times as you like

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Tabulatur von , 30 Jan 2010

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Gingerpi avatar
i definately agree with that--- way too confusing for me
20 Nov 2011
Speed avatar
flag for US(ISO2) (MoonBase 13)
Difficult to play - a play along would be very much appreciated.
I can see the difficulty you would have trying to get the tempo and timing on this song placed in simple tabs - but it is well done none the less. I suggest maybe procuring it along with lyrics underneath so it sorta lines up?
03 Feb 2010
whitesb avatar
a little confusing. but correct.
01 Feb 2010
Jayflash avatar
looks wierd, I can't make anything of it
30 Jan 2010

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