Time Tabulatur von Pink Floyd

7 Im Lied verwendete Ukulelengriffe: F#m, A, E, Dmaj7, Amaj7, C#m7, Bm7

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Tablature / Chords (Ganzer Song)

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Jahr:  1973
Key: A, F#mAkkorde und Tabulaturen
Pink Floyd - Time - Uke

Intro: Lead Guitar and synth (with octoban percussion)

F#m F#m A A
Tick-ing a-way the moments that make up a dull--day;
E E F#m F#m
frit-ter and waste the hours--in an off-hand way;
Kick-ing a-round on a piece of ground--in your hometown;
E E F#m F#m
wait-ing for some-one or some-thing to show_you the way.----
Dmaj7 Dmaj7 Amaj7 Amaj7
Tired of ly--ing in the sun--shine,stay-ing home--to watch the rain,
Dmaj7 Dmaj7 Amaj7 Amaj7 Dmaj7 Dmaj7
you are young and life is long,and there is time to kill to-day.
C#m7 C#m7
And then one day,you find--ten years have got be-hind you.
Bm7 Bm7 E E F#m F#m
No one told you when to run....You missed the start--ing gun.

Intro: Lead Guitar

F#m F#m A A
run and you run-to catch up with the Sun, but it's sink-ing;
E E F#m F#m
rac-ing a-round to come up be--hind you a--gain.
The Sun is the same in a rel-a-tive way, but you're old-er,
E E F#m F#m
short-er of breath, and one-day clos-er to death.
Dmaj7 Dmaj7 Amaj7 Amaj7
Ev--'ry year is get--ing short-er, nev-er seem to find the time.
Dmaj7 Dmaj7 Amaj7 Amaj7
Plans that ei-ther come to naught, or half a page of scrib-bled lines.
Dmaj7 Dmaj7 C#m7 C#m7 Bm7 Bm7
Hang-ing on in qui-et des--per-a---tion is the Eng-lish way. The time is gone.
Bm7 Bm7
The song is o--ver. Thought I'd some-thing more to say.

Tabulatur von , 28 Feb 2010

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