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I think it's Ok... not too sure but sounds nice.
Key B chordB
Intro: B--F#m-E-- x2

Verse 1:
B chordB
When I was younger I
F#m chordF#m
saw my daddy cry
E chordE
And curse at the wind
B chordB
He broke his own heart and
I watched as he tried
F#m chordF#m E chordE
To reassemble it
B chordB
And my momma swore that she
F#m chordF#m E chordE
would never let herself forget
B chordB
And that was the day
that I promised
F#m chordF#m
I'd never sing of love
E chordE
if it does not exist
But darling

B chordB
You are the only exception
F#m chordF#m E chordE
You are the only exception
B chordB
You are the only exception
F#m chordF#m E chordE
You are the only exception

Interlude: B--

Verse 2:
B chordB
Well maybe I know somewhere
F#m chordF#m
deep in my soul
E chordE
That love never lasts
B chordB
And we've got to find other
F#m chordF#m
ways to make it alone
E chordE
Or keep a straight face
B chordB
And I've always lived like
F#m chordF#m
this keeping a comfortable
E chordE B chordB
Distance And up
until now i swored
to myself that I'm
F#m chordF#m E chordE
content with loneliness
E chordE
Because none of it was
ever worth the
risk Well

(Repeat Chorus)

Interlude: C#m--B-F#- x2

C#m chordC#m
I've got a tight
grip on reality
B chordB
But I can't let go of
F# chordF#
whats part of me here
C#m chordC#m
i know you're leaving in
the morning when you wake up
B chordB
Leave me of some kind of
F# E--- (hold)
proof it's not a dream ohh

(Repeat Chorus twice)

A chordA E chordE
And I'm on my way
B chordB
to believing
A chordA
Oh and I'm on my
E chordE B chordB(hold)
way to believing


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thefail2042 avatar
flag for US(ISO2) (san francisco)
-2 with capo on fret 2 was easiest
17 Apr 2019
Willow01 avatar
flag for ES(ISO2) (Granada)
well,this is how I play it,bar on first fret and the pinky on the 4th fret on the A string.
Sorry for being late!
10 Oct 2012
Asianukegirl avatar
whats an easier way to play a c#m for a beginner?
17 Jul 2012
Moors<3 avatar
flag for US(ISO2) (Goshen)
i play it with the 3 frets on the e string. i go third, secondm first and it can also be used for Remembering Sunday :3
23 Aug 2011
flag for (ISO2)
YES!! YES!! YES!! i think its perfeect!
30 Dec 2010
Willow01 avatar
flag for ES(ISO2) (Granada)
03 Sep 2010
Bethyboop avatar
cool!!!!! awesome job!
06 Aug 2010
Willow01 avatar
flag for ES(ISO2) (Granada)
That is just how I play it... But I'd like to know how you play it. It will be nice.
12 Feb 2010
sunliteuke avatar
flag for US(ISO2) (Baby Turltle City)
sounds pretty good but i play it with totally different chords, good job though :]
20 Dec 2009
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