Goodbye Frankie Tabulatur von Danielle Ate The Sandwich

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Intro / Chorus / Verse: Bb7 chordBb7 Em chordEm G chordG Am chordAm , Bb7 chordBb7 Em chordEm G chordG

Bridge: C chordC Am chordAm Bb7 chordBb7 G chordG

Goodbye Frankie
More of a lady than I will ever be
So come lay your blanket by the furnace
And I'll tell you stories
Something warm smooth and sweet

Goodbye Frankie
If you leave take me
Oh Frankie
Hot as a hashbrown and begging
You're something worth digging up
Once I've buried it

Francis you know the right things to say
When you're stuck like mud in
An awful situation and dressing for parties
You're daft as a debutant
And I'm hoping soon that something is
Bound to rub off

And someday I wear sensible shoes
And learn to tell the right stories to
Impress the friends and parents of my boyfriend
But until then there's you

Goodbye Frankie
You know your rights from your wrongs
And I'm trying to see the line drawn
But I'm just human
And reaching too far to touch something new

Francis you are an angel underneath
All that hair and those
Eyes that can't help but peak
At the biggest cake on the bakery shelf
No ones gonna help you
So you've gotta so you gotta help yourself

And someday I will know what it means to carry
Two of the same chromosome in my blood stream
The future looks far but it looks so sweet
Wont you taste it with me

Goodbye Frankie
You're such a lady
Oh Frankie
If you leave take me
I'm begging
You're something worth digging up


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