Gary The Ghost Tabulatur von Children Songs (für Baryton)

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Gary the Ghost

G chordG
Gary the ghost he liked to make toast
. D chordD
Even though he couldn't eat it
D chordD
It smelled really yummy put a smile in his tummy
. G chordG
even though he couldn't feed it
G chordG
That first night I awoke with a fright
. C chordC
At the noise that he was making
C chordC
I got out of bed and
G chordG
Kept a calm head and tip
D chordD G chordG
toed to the kitchen shaking
G chordG
Then I turned on the light and saw a strange site
G chordG D chordD
I wasn't sure what to think
D chordD
There was a ghost holding some toast
G chordG
Dripping jam all over the sink
G chordG
He saw me there and said I don't mean to scare
C chordC
My name is Gary the ghost
C chordC G chordG
And every night when the moon is bright
D chordD G chordG
I like to make some toast
And I don't know why a light in the sky
would have that effect on me
But hey I'm a ghost and that means I'm supposed to
be full of mystery
So tonight I was wishing for a nice kitchen
I ended up here for a snack
If it's not okay then I'll go away
and I won't ever come back
I said Gary you're not so scary now that we're face to face
But you've made quite a mess please try to make less
The next time you stop by my place


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