Livin' On A Prayer Tabulatur von Bon Jovi

4 Im Lied verwendete Ukulelengriffe: Em, C, D, G

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I just transposed this from a guitar tab I found, but it definitely sounds right. It sounds a bit high on a uke, but that can't be helped.

It's not too hard, most experienced uke players should be able to master it within a couple play-throughs.

So here's the main bass riff:


This just repeats over and over again through most of the song.

The chords are pretty simple, just replace the Em Em chord with the bass riff.

Intro Em Em C C D D.....
Oce upon A A time not so long ago

(Em Em)Tommy used to work on the docks
Union's been on strike
He's down on his's (C C) tough, (D D) so (Em Em) tough
Gina works the diner all day
Working for a her man, she brings home her pay
For (C C) Love (D D) for (Em Em) Love

She says we've go to (C C) hold (D D) on to(Em Em) what we've got
Cause it (C C) dosnt make a (D D) diffence if we (Em Em) make it or not
We've(c)got each (D D) other and (Em Em) thats alot for (C C) love-We'll (d) give it a shot
(Em Em) Wo(C C)ah, we're (D D)half way there(G G) wo(C C)ah,(D D) livin on A A prayer
(Em Em)Take my(C C) hand we'll(D D) make it - I swear
(G G)Wo(C C)ah(D D) Livin on A A Prayer
(Em Em C C D D)
(Em Em)Tommys got his six string in hock
Now he's holdin in wat he used to make talk-so(C C) tough, (D D)(Em Em)its tough
Gina dreams of running away
When she cries in the night
Tommy whispers "Baby its(C C) okay,(D D) some(Em Em)day

She says we've gotta(C C) hold(D D) on to(Em Em) what we've got
Cause it (C C)dosnt make a(D D) diffrence If we(Em Em) make it or not
We've(C C) got each(D D) other and (Em Em)thats alot for love, for (C C)love-We'll(D D) give it a shot


(C C) Livin on a prayer

(Em Em C C D D G G C C D D)
(Em Em Ooooh we've go to hold on ready or not
We'll live for the fight when it's all that we've got

These chords were found at and all credit goes to the original author, original post at:

Thanks for reading, enjoy!


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So much of the lyrics are covered with x's
06 Jul 2018
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pretty good!
23 Oct 2010
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