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Biography Zee Avi

Zee Avi, also known as Koko Kaina, is a singer/songwriter from Miri, Malaysia. She is currently signed to Brushfire records and was featured on the album "This Warm December". She is best known for her Christmas song "No Christmas for me", which became a YouTube success in 2007. Zee Avi on this song: “This song was inspired by everything i’ve experienced/read/watched/heard of from movies or stories, about one’s lover being far away for Christmas, be it serving in the army, college, another country, peace corps etc… In a way, it’s also about not losing hope.

There are 14 Zee Avi Ukulele tabs and chords in datatabase :

chr9 Bitter Hearttab? English/malay Lullaby Medleychr? First Of The Gangchr10 Honey Beechr9 Honey Beechr8 Honey Beechr8 Honey Beechr10 I Am Me Once Morechr10 Just You And Memix? Just You And Mechr2 Kantoimix8 Kantoichr? The Storytab? The Story

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