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Ingrid Michaelson (born 8th December 1979) is a U.S. singer-songwriter whose single "The Way I Am" reached number thirty-seven on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart. She took up piano at the age of five, attending Manhattan's Third Street Music School for two years, going on to the Jewish Community Center of Staten Island's Dorothy Delson Kuhn Music Institute. There she met vocal coach Elizabeth McCullough, who worked with her through high school. She is a graduate of Staten Island Technical High School and Binghamton University, where she received a degree in theatre.

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chr? Are We There Yetchr4 Be Okchr6 Be Okaychr? Blood Brotherschr9 Breakablechr8 Can't Help Falling In Love With Youchr? Cant Help Falling In Love With Youchr10 Die Alonechr? End Of The Worldchr8 Everybodychr8 Everybodymix8 Everybodymix8 Everybodychr9 Everybodychr8 Everybodychr?Everybody [ Rate ] chr9 Far Awaychr8 Far Awaychr?Far Away [ Rate ] chr8 Ghostchr? Girls Chase Boyschr9 Girls Chase Boyschr1 Giving Upchr10 Giving Uptab10 How We Lovetab?How We Love [ Rate ] chr? How We Lovemix? How We Lovechr7 Keep Breathingchr6 Keep Breathingtab7 Keep Breathingchr7 Lady In Spain

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