In The Curve Tab de uke por The Avett Brothers

4 Acordes usados na música: G, D, Em, C

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Ano:  2007
Tom: G, EmAcordes
(G G)I've never (D D)taken this (G G)curve
(G G)driving this (D D)fast (G G)before
(G G)A A glowing stop (D D)sign but (Em Em)both lanes are (C C)mine
no (G G)seat belts (D D)attached to my (G G)door

Well my speed meter don't work
so I'm going to guess 95
maybe I'll fix it, and maybe I won't
It depends on my being alive

my bottle of bourbon is gone
It flew away all by itself
So if ever you find it, my photo behind it
In memory of me on your shelf

its been raining all day
and its been raining all night
A A slip and slide highway
and I'm moving sideways
I'm loose but my steering wheel's tight

My '63 Ford is a bull
She's four thousand pounds at least
But metal surrenders when Oak trees meet fenders
and engines go through the front seat

I lost control in the curve
the gas line broke in the wreck
But I rose from the ashes with just a few scratches
my crucifix warm on my neck

Well the good Lord was with me tonight
Just riding beside me tonight
And now we're just talking
We're hitchhiking walking
We'll see you in Greenville tonight

And now we're just talking
we're hitchhiking walking
We'll see you in Greenville tonight

(superimpose your locale during last verse)

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