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Ano:  2002
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# This tab was submitted due to a request for "The Zephyr
# Song"'s main riff. However, this part of the song is only
# played at the very beginning even though mush of the rest
# of the song sounds very similar. Therefore, this is really
# the song's intro.

# However, if the person requesting tabs for "The Zephyr
# Song"'s main riff was looking for something different, or
# if you'd just like to have more of the song tabbed for you,
# either leave a comment or message me and I'll cook up
# the part of the song you were actually interested in.

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Tab de uke por , 01 Jan 2009

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jelo08 avatar
mobile flag for PH(ISO2) (Quezon )
hi! can I request for the rest of the riff?
12 Jul 2017
Mikep98 avatar
Yeah id like to have the rest of the song cuz this is great
14 Jul 2012
claboy3 avatar
flag for US(ISO2) (Phoenix)
Hi. Like you said, this is pretty much the intro (perfect job by the way). I was wondering if you could post the tab for the main riff of the song too?
22 Jun 2012
jriv avatar
flag for GB(ISO2) (Cardiff)
Pretty much perfect
04 Jan 2010

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