Soon Forget Tab de uke por Pearl Jam

8 Acordes usados na música: C, F, D7, G7, A, Fm, G, DM

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Ano:  2000
Tom: desconhecidoAcordes
This song is from the Pearl Jam's album Binaural. 
The song on the album sounds in a different tuning (halftone higher) than the normal tuning (high G G) but chords are the same way. Here is in a normal tuning.

Soon Forget

(C C) (F F)
Sorry is the fool who trades his soul for a Corvette
(D7 D7) (G7 G7)
Thiks he'll get the girl, he'll only get the mechanic
(A A) (F F) (Fm Fm) (G G)
What's missing? He's living a day he'll soon forget

(muted strings strumming)

(F F) (G7 G7)
That's one more time around, the sun is going down
(D7 D7) (G7 G7)
The moon is out but he´s drunk and shouting, putting people down
(F F) (G7 G7)
He's pissing, he's living a day he'll soon forget (C C)(F F)(C C)

(F F) (G7 G7) (F F) (G7 G7)
Counts his money every morning, the only thing that keeps him horny
(F F) (G7 G7)
Locked in a giant house that's alarming
(D7 D7) (G7 G7)
Townfolks, they all laught

(muted strings strumming)

(C C) (F F)
Sorry is the fool who trades his love for a high-rise rent
(D7 D7) (G7 G7)
Seems the more you make equals the loneliness you get
(A A) (F F) (Fm Fm) (G G)
And it's fitting, he's barely living a day he'll soon forget

(muted strings strumming)

(F F) (G7 G7)
That's one more time around, and there is not a sound
(D7 D7) (G7 G7)
He's lying dead, clutching Benjamins, never put the money down
(F F) (G G)
He's stiffening, we're all whistling, a man we'll soon forget (C C)(F F)(C C)

That's all


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Tab de uke por , 05 Jan 2015

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Andrelio avatar
flag for CL(ISO2) (Valpo y Santiago y todos lados)
Useful fact, the original record is in 432hz
23 Jul 2022
joacok avatar
Sounds higher than the record, and that I have a tenor ukulele. Maybe fits well for a baritone.
17 Dec 2018

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