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Tom: desconhecidoAcordes
Missin' your face, and your touch 
Missin' your kiss, and your love
Missin' every little bit and piece of you
Baby, would you meet me half way cause I'm down for you
Ooh, the many things that I would do
Just to feel you, hold you
Man its so hard not to have you here
You're probably sitting, like me
Missin' you baby, ooh wee
Promise to listen before you sleep

'Cause when I'm starin' at the stars
Lookin' at the moon
Wishin' that I could be there with you
Its okay, and its alright
Baby, listen to this lullaby
Goodnight, sleep tight
Dream away with me tonight

Yeah, we can sit on phone
Bust an all nighter 'til the early mornin'
Still not the same when you're far away
Hearin' your voice, I got not choice
It's the only way for me to feel closer
I guess 'til then, just listen


Wherever you are, no matter how far
Just listen with me, I'll sing you to sleeo
I love you, good night

Dream away with me, tonight

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Tab de uke por , 30 Jan 2011

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pretty cool. thanks!
16 Mar 2011

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