Dear Winter Tab de uke por AJR

9 Acordes usados na música: Bb, A, E, C, G, F, Dm, Bm, C#dim

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# Song can be played with strumming or can be played with the plucking pattern shown below on the Bb Bb chord as an example

Bb Bb
A A——1——————1———————————-|
E E—————1—————1—————————-|
C C———————2—————————————|
G G——3——————————————————|
# C#dim C#dim shouldn’t be played as it is shown above it should be played as (in order from G G to A A) open, 4th Fret, open, 4th fret, this is also Em6 Em6
# UkuleleTab has a terrible conversion process from the typing area the final product and it all got messed up so I didn’t feel like fixing all the spacing for the whole song so
I just deleted all the verses and choruses after the first ones because the chords are the same and if you can’t figure out where they go then you shouldn’t be playing an instrument. The last portion is left in because it’s a little bit different.

Bb Bb C C F F
Dear Winter, I hope you like your name
Bb Bb C C
I hope they don't make fun of you
Bb Bb C C Dm Dm C C
When you grow up and go to school, okay?
Bb Bb C C F F
'Cause Winter is a badass name
Bb Bb C C F F
Dear Winter, I hope you talk to girls
Bb Bb C C
Or boys or anyone you like
Bb Bb C C Dm Dm C C
I just hope you don't stay in every night
Bb Bb C C F F
'Cause I wish I was out tonight
Bb Bb C C
Ah Ah Ah Ah Ah Ah
Bb Bb C C
It really doesn't seem like there's anyone for me
Bb Bb Bm Bm C C
But dear Winter, I hope you like your name
C#dim C#dim Dm Dm C C Bb Bb
I'm hoping that someday, I can meet you on this Earth
Bb Bb F F
But shit, I gotta meet your mom first
Bb Bb C C F F
Dear Winter, I'm looking for your mom
Bb Bb C C Bb Bb C C Dm Dm C C
I gotta find a girl that doesn't mind that I'm inside my head a lot
Bb Bb C C Dm Dm C C
Winter, it won't be too long
Bb Bb C C F F
First, I just gotta find your mom

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Tab de uke por , 17 Jun 2019

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I like this one better than the other one that's one here, personally.
01 Feb 2020

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