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Album:  nieznane
Akord: F, DmChwyty
Bb Bb Am Am
Bb Bb Am Am

[Verse 1]
Bb Bb
Ultimately I don't understand a thing
Am Am
I try to do the best I can

I know you try to do the same
Bb Bb
We're just so bound to make mistakes

You could call it a disposition
Am Am
I apologize for all your tears

I wish I could be different
Bb Bb
But I'm still growing up
Am Am
Into the one you can call your love
Bb Bb
I don't know if I'll ever be enough
Am Am
I'm throwing in my chips

I guess I tend to push my luck

[Verse 2]
Bb Bb
And ultimately I believe we'll be okay
Am Am
It's so cliche to say these things, but repetition is a key
Bb Bb
I think I'm better when I'm with you

But I worry when you're gone
Am Am
I think I need to learn to love myself

I must learn to be strong
Bb Bb
So for now we'll say goodbye

Although it pains me in my heart
Am Am
Your words they come to me in memories

They sing to me like songs
Bb Bb
It won't be long until I'm here

Soon I'll make my arrival
Am Am
Under shady trees

A A quiet street

The roads that I have traveled

[Verse 3]
Bb Bb
Ultimately it's a beautiful thing
Am Am
Like flowers blooming in a lonely field

The petals drift through crossing winds
Bb Bb
They find their way to river streams
Am Am
That scent the water beautifully, it takes me back to you

It takes me back to you

Bb Bb Am Am
Bb Bb Am Am

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taby ukulele według , 13 gru 2017

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SunflowerBoyTyler avatar
flag for US(ISO2) (Chicago)
The strum pattern is DUDU on repeat you can also use DDUUDU or DDUD
23 Apr 2020
Usunięte konto
After a strum of Bb, I usually pluck 10 7 5 2 on the A string, then play 6 soft strums for the Am... after Am, I pluck 2 3 2 0 2 again on the A string, then repeat throughout the whole song. I love the sound of it and it adds a bit of extra detail and overall beauty to the piece. It takes a bit of practice, but I promise you’ll get it soon! Have a brilliant day
13 May 2018
mbonner avatar
After one strum of Bb, pluck on the A string finger positions 8, 5, 3.
After the Am strums, pluck 5,6,5,3,5 on the E string.
At the end of each verse, the last Am is played twice, with no plucking.
09 Jan 2018

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