Thank You Very Much Tab par Kaiser Chiefs (Accords Baryton)

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C chordC D# chordD# G chordG D# chordD# x2

On the verse you just play the note instead of the chord as above

Verse 1:
Didn't expect any of this
But it's really nice
Didnt want you to cause a fuss
But it feels alright

D# chordD# E chordE F chordF
So Thank you very much
D# chordD# E chordE F chordF
Its really nice to know
D# chordD# E chordE C chordC
That you enjoyed the show
D# chordD# G chordG
And I want you to know when to go

A# chordA#
Cos this should be a thrill
C chordC
But it feels like a drill
D chordD D# chordD#
Now you must let me go let me go

Verse 2:
C chordC C chordC
I just imagine that I'm you
D# chordD# C# chordC#
And there's nothing nothing nothing I can't do x

Verse 3: (Same notes as verse 1)
I remember what it was like
And it was really nice
Never thought I would experience this
From the other side



Before playing verse again there is an instrumental with the same chords for times


The song ends on C chordC


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