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Nice picking

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Here's a little picking that I made up to practice the "figer work" on both hands.

This is only the first part of the exercice. I will add some more later. As your technic improves you will have a new exercices.

You can see the full piece on this video (sorry for the sound):

The Idea is to put a pattern in your playing. If you try to play it you will hear that there is a sound that's repeting all the time.

This picking is very simple. If the we put numbers on the strings like this:

G  C  E  A

1  2  3  4

Then the all you have to do is 1234 1234 1234. Very simple.

For the right hand, use Thumb for 1; Index for  2 ; Middle for 3 ; and ring for 4.

Now you have Two cords in that part: 

F:         and        C7     

A l---0             A l---1  

E l---1              E l---0

C l---0             C l---0

G l---2             G l---0

And all you have to do is to play those two chords, changing one note one the A string, like this:

        F                                 C7
A l------------0--------3--------0--------3--------1--------3--------1--------3----
E l----------1--------1--------1--------1--------0--------0--------0--------0------
C l-------0--------0--------0--------0--------0--------0--------0--------0---------
G l-----2--------2--------2--------2--------0--------0--------0--------0-----------

Try to practice really slowly, again and again until you hear the pattern. Then Go faster and faster and have fun!

When you get it right. Go and check the part two.

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