City Of New Orleans Uke tab by Steve Goodman

11 Chords used in the song :

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G chordG D chordD G chordG
Riding xx xxx xxxx xx xxx xxxxxxx
Em chordEm C chordC G chordG
Illinois xxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxx rail
G chordG D chordD G chordG
Fifteen xxxx and xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx riders
Em chordEm D chordD G chordG
Three xxxxxxxxxx xxx twenty xxxx xxxxx of xxxxxxx
Em chordEm
All xxxxx xxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxxxxx
Bm chordBm
The xxxxx xxxxx xxx xx xxxxxxxxx
D chordD A chordA
Rolls xxxxx xxxx xxxxxx xxxxx xxx fields
Em chordEm
Passing xxxxxx xxxx xxxx xx xxxxx x
Bm chordBm
Freight xxxxx xx xxx xxxxx xxxx
D chordD D7 chordD7 G chordG
And xxxxxxxxxx xx xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

C chordC D7 chordD7 G chordG
Good xxxxxxx America, xxx are xxxxx
Em chordEm C chordC G chordG D7 chordD7 D9 chordD9
Say, xxxxx xxx xxxx xxx I'm xxxx native xxxxxx
G chordG D chordD Em chordEm Em7 chordEm7 A7 chordA7
I'm xxx xxxxx xxxx xxxx xxx City xx xxx xxxxxxx
Bb chordBb C chordC D chordD D9 chordD9 G chordG
I'll xx gone xxxx xxxxxxx miles xxxx xxx xxx xx xxxxxxx





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