A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes [from Cinderella] Uke tab by Disney

6 Chords used in the song :

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F Ukulele chord C Ukulele chord A7 Ukulele chord Bb Ukulele chord Gm Ukulele chord D7 Ukulele chord

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The chord D chordD* is:
A chordA - Open
E chordE - 2 fret
C chordC - Open
G chordG - 2 fret
If xxx xxxx xxx xxxx xxxx xx xxxx xxxxx, xxxxxx xxxx xx

F chordF C chordC F chordF
x xxxxx xx x Wish xxxx Heart xxxxx
F chordF A7 chordA7 Bb chordBb D chordD*
When xxxxxx fast xxxxxx
Gm chordGm D chordD* Gm chordGm D chordD*
xx xxxxxx xxx xxxx lose xxxx heartaches
Gm chordGm C chordC F chordF Bb chordBb
Whatever xxx wish xxx xxx keep
F chordF C chordC F chordF
xxxx faith xx xxxx dreams, xxx someday
F chordF A7 chordA7 Bb chordBb D chordD*
xxxx rainbow xxxx xxxx smiling xxxxxxx
Bb chordBb C chordC
xx xxxxxx how xxxx xxxxx xx grieving
F chordF Bb chordBb
xx xxx xxxx xx believing
Bb chordBb C chordC F chordF
xxx dream xxxx xxx wish xxxx xxxx true

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