Switchfoot ukulele tabs

Biography Switchfoot

Switchfoot is a grammy-winning alternative rock band from San Diego, California, United States. The band was formed in 1996 with the brothers Jon Foreman (lead singer/guitarist) and Tim Foreman (bass). Long-time friend Chad Butler (drums) joined soon after. Eventually the band evolved to what it is today with the addition of members Jerome Fontamillas (key/guitar/electronics - formerly of Mortal and Fold Zandura) and Drew Shirley (guitar - formerly of All Together Separate).

There are 52 Switchfoot Ukulele tabs and chords in datatabase :

chr8 24chr10 24chr?24 [ Rate ] chr? 4:12tab? Afterlifechr? Alwayschr8 Awakeningchr10 Awakeningchr6 Burn Out Bright chr?Burn Out Bright [ Rate ] chr? Circleschr10 Cmon Cmon chr10 Daisychr8 Dare You To Movechr7 Dare You To Movechr6 Evergreenchr? Fading Westchr? Faust Midas And Myselftab1 Let That Be Enoughchr? Let Your Love Be Strongchr? Love Alone Is Worth The Fightchr? Love Is The Movementchr? Meant To Livechr? Monday Comes Aroundchr10 More Than Finechr8 Oh! Gravitychr? Old Boregochr10 On Firechr10 On Firechr4 On Firechr?On Fire [ Rate ] chr9 Only Hope


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