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Snow Patrol is an alternative rock band which formed in Dundee, Scotland in 1994 and currently based in Bangor, Northern Ireland, where most of the band members are from. They consist of Gary Lightbody (vocals, guitar), Nathan Connolly (guitar, vocals), Paul Wilson (bass), Tom Simpson (keyboards) and Jonny Quinn (drums). Lightbody and Quinn are the only original members who remain in the band. The band became wildly successful on both sides of the Atlantic on the back of their fourth record...

There are 28 Snow Patrol Ukulele tabs and chords in datatabase :

chr10 Black And Bluemix? Called Out In The Darkchr7 Chasing Carschr7 Chasing Carsmix4 Chasing Carschr10 Chasing Carschr7 Chasing Carstab7 Chasing Carschr6 Chasing Carstab5 Chasing Carschr8 Finish Linechr6 How To Be Deadchr8 How To Be Deadchr8 It's Beginning To Get To Mechr8 Just Say Yeschr8 Open Your Eyeschr9 Open Your Eyeschr9 Runchr9 Set The Fire To The Third Barchr5 Set The Fire To The Third Barchr6 Signal Firechr6 Signal Firechr10 Warmer Climatetab? What If The Storm Endschr? You Could Be Happymix? You Could Be Happymix? You're All I Havechr6 You're All That I Have

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