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Never Shout Never is the alias of American acoustic pop musician, Christofer Drew Ingle. Drew showed the world that with the help of MySpace and great word of mouth, anyone with worthwhile work ethic and talent can start a monumental snowball effect towards success. After recording an EP by himself in his basement, NeverShoutNever! became an instant online success story, averaging over 40,000 online plays a day, and headlining shows throughout the Midwest.

There are 141 Nevershoutnever Ukulele tabs and chords in datatabase :

chr9 30 Dayschr9 30 Daysmix9 30dayschr6 Aeroplanechr8 All Mine(upside Down Kisses)chr10 Bigcitydreamschr9 Californiachr9 Can't Stand Itchr10 Can't Stand Itchr9 Can't Stand Itchr9 Can't Stand Itchr8 Can't Stand Itchr8 Can't Stand Ittab? Can't Stand It Solochr9 Cheatercheatebestfriendeaterchr8 Cheatercheaterbestfriendeaterchr8 Cheatercheaterbestfriendeatertab8 Cheatercheaterbestfriendeaterchr? Cheatercheaterbestfriendeatermix8 Cheatercheaterbestfriendeaterchr9 Cheatercheaterbestfriendeaterchr10 Coffee And Cigaretteschr8 Coffee And Cigaretteschr8 Coffee And Cigaretteschr10 Coffee And Cigaretteschr? Dare 4 Distancechr7 Dare4distancechr8 Dare4distancechr9 Did It Hurtchr6 Did It Hurtchr9 Did It Hurtchr10 Did It Hurt?

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