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Eddie Vedder (born Edward Louis Severson III on 23 December 1964) is the lead singer and lyricist for the band Pearl Jam. He has also been involved in other music outside of Pearl Jam, and released his first solo album, a soundtrack to the movie 'Into the Wild' in September 2007. In the 1980s Vedder sang with several Southern California rock bands, most notably Bad Radio, but rose to fame only after moving to Seattle in 1990 and joining Pearl Jam.

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tab8 Broken Heartmix10 Broken Heart (live)tab9 Can't Keeptab8 Can't Keepchr? Dream A Little Dreamchr? Far Behindchr8 Goodbyechr6 Goodbyechr?Goodbye [ Rate ] chr9 Guaranteedmix8 Guaranteedchr8 Guaranteedmix? Guaranteedtab9 Guaranteedchr?Guaranteed [ Rate ] chr10 Hard Sunchr9 Hard Suntab10 Light Todaytab? Light Todaychr1 Long Nightschr8 Long Nightsmix7 Long Nightschr5 Longing To Belongmix5 Longing To Belongmix?Longing To Belong [ Rate ] mix4 More Than You Knowchr9 More Than You Knowchr6 No Ceilingchr10 No Morechr? Once In A Whilechr7 Risemix7 Rise

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