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    Wed Nov 14 20:34:49 2018
    ghostywosty posted in Thought about building your own?.

    i bet you could 3-d print a uke. it would be less strong and the sound would be a lot different but it seems like a cool project to me

  2. Wed Nov 14 20:33:07 2018

    ayy what do you play besides uke?
    i can do woodwinds and harp and mayybeee singing

  3. Wed Nov 14 20:30:35 2018
    ghostywosty posted in cavetown fans? question mark?.

    ah, probably irrational or something else from 16/04/16
    I just love all his music though
    i can't find any good tabs for anything on 16/04/16 so if you guys are up to making some i'd really appreciate it :)