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    Mon Aug 13 20:55:19 2018
    fieldcode posted in Music makes me forget.

    enjoying this music

  2. Mon Aug 13 18:34:14 2018

    my niece tried it... she had fun!

  3. Mon Aug 13 18:28:01 2018

    Would love to but can't... Goodluck!

  4. Sat Aug 11 09:14:11 2018
    fieldcode posted in Music makes me forget.

    those are really calming and relaxing plus a bottle of wine...

    Talking to someone can also help us forget our aches and pains. Talk therapy offered by ReGain assist their clients not just to forget but to process the pain in order to heal.

  5. Fri Aug 10 09:40:10 2018
    fieldcode posted in Music makes me forget.

    @fraymars Music is my stress reliever, especially from work. When I have nothing to do all I want is music and a cup of coffee..

    What kind of music do you listen?

  6. Mon Aug 6 22:50:15 2018
    fieldcode started the conversation Music makes me forget.

    They say music is a great way to escape from reality.

    Music makes me forget my heartaches and how difficult life has been. What reality does music make you forget?

  7. Fri Aug 3 08:35:39 2018

    nice one

  8. Fri Aug 3 08:22:55 2018
    fieldcode posted in i want moooooooooore.

    visit a music store near your area... you can check the actual uke if it's what fits what you want and also sometimes they put some items on sale... wait for it, you may find a good catch

  9. Fri Aug 3 08:07:15 2018
    fieldcode posted in I'm With You - Vance Joy help.

    try YouTube

  10. Fri Aug 3 08:05:20 2018
    fieldcode posted in cavetown fans? question mark?.

    Best Friend

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